Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash
Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Technology, forever advancing and never slowing down. This is especially true as we move into a new year and decade. Here are ten wild technology trends of 2020 we can't wait to see evolve.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been on the IT scene for some time. In 2020, we're excited to see advancements in everyday use of AI that go beyond Siri and Smart Homes. Some exciting AI movements on the horizon include intelligence that helps create curated content based on what you click on in email advertisements. Another wild technology trend is healthtech that can help provide treatment after a stroke.  AI has come along way from the robotic dreams of the past.

Blended Commerce

There's no hiding that retail continues to take a hit in 2020. With retailer's like Macy's and Pier 1 closing more doors on the daily, blended commerce will become a go-to for consumers. A wild technology trend, blended commerce is the hybrid of the brick-and-mortar retail and online retail environment.  In a new and trendy retail experience, buyers will be able to satisfy their needs in a whole new way.

Platform Effects

We already know that companies use customer data to create better ads, direct marketing and products that consumers will want to buy. Platform effects take that data a step further. Zoning in on customer information, platform effects uses multiple channels to create a platform of data. Continuing to evolve, platform effects will help businesses that seek optimal reach. Both from niche to one-size-fits-all marketing.

Increased Healthtech

Healthtech is the use of technology for those in the medical field, as well as a useful tool made for and used by the patient. Also known as digital health, healthtech uses technology to improve the ability to give and receive care. Going alongside the healthcare at home movement, healthtech allows for products and services to be consumed outside of the hospital or doctor's office. As we move into a world with pandemic scares such as coronavirus, mobile healthtech will be a key ingredient to the future of healthcare.

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Advanced IoT Software

IoT, the Internet of Things, is about to get much more complex than it already is. Using sensors to communicate to the cloud, IoT helps software process data to perform actions without any human involvement. As we move into 2020, IoT will continue to advance communication between devices with little to no internet involvement required.

Data Science Revenue

Data science revenue is simply defined by making money from the acquisition of data. As 99% of American companies are already seeing a large ROI from the data collected from their customer's, it's likely that this monetization will only increase. Using real-time tools, businesses are are expected to collect a higher amount of consumer data in shorter periods of time. This wild technology trend will help with key and fast decision making.

Specialized IT Services

Sometimes something that can do it all, is just a little bit too much when it comes to IT. Gone is the yearning of jack-of-all trades technology and instead the need for specialized product and/or service. As we move further into the decade, we can expect the wild technology trend of specialized IT services. Referred to as "purity of industry," these platforms will have a deeper and more honed-in knowledge base that provides much needed value.


Regulatory Technology, commonly referred to as RegTech, uses technology to monitor, report and ensure compliance in the financial industry. A subset of FinTech, RegTech works to digitize financial processes that are currently manual. RegTech allows for faster communication amongst parties and stakeholders while fostering a steady collaboration amongst team members. With RegTech, we see a greener and more digitized business future.

Smart Logistics

Thanks to Amazon and other fast-to ship retailers, companies are pressured to get goods to the consumer in shorter of periods of time. Smart logistics is the wild technology trend that moves people and goods at the best and highest levels of efficiency. A consistent flow, smart logistics connects devices and intelligence into supply chain to ensure delivery is happening at the best and most methodical pace. 2020 is expected to churn out goods and products even faster than ever imagined.

Blue Collar Technology

Blue collar software is making a positive impact on the blue collar industry in 2020. And instead of taking jobs from the trade, it's increasing the value of the worker and their most treasured component - time. With blue collar software, a tradesman has the ability to view new jobs, create and set appointments (including best routes for navigation between jobs) and bill customers from the comfort of his or her truck.