nVision volunteers ready to take pledges!

Public Broadcasting System

Remember the days of Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, or Arthur? Or perhaps you fell asleep with your favorite program on, only to wake up to an infomercial on a compilation cd. Whichever experience takes you down memory lane, we all have that one moment in time that transports us in front of the television system, transfixed by the infamous Public Broadcasting System. Or as most of us know it, PBS.

To many, PBS is still apart of their every day entertainment. Home to Arizona Horizon, Plate & Pour, as well as a slew of documentaries, PBS is still very much in business. Like the days of yesteryear, much of that business comes from advertisements, commercials, volunteers, and yes, even the pledge-a-thon.

The Pledge Drive

Pledge Drives rely heavily on volunteers. Called to action by our Care for Communities and passion for giving, nVision employees stepped into action as the perfect volunteer. Donating their time and energies to a PBS Pledge Drive to raise funding for future programming, the gang had a blast helping serve a local favorite.

Answering calls, taking pledges, and rocking the phones, nVision volunteers helped to raise monies to ensure that PBS remains relevant, continuing to produce content that is vital to the State of Arizona. In addition, they helped relieve a few employees of their regular duties.

Volunteers Making a Difference

With the help of our employees, PBS was able to raise a whopping $12,000! Volunteers loved the opportunity. Stepping away from their busy work in the IT world, they were able to help a platform get the recognition and monies they deserve. Thank you to every single person that was willing to step up and take part in making a difference. #InIt2WinIt

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