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Healthtech and the COVID-19 pandemic- Healthcare, technology, and care in one solid partnership. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthtech matters even more than ever. From checking in with your doctor remotely, to refilling your prescription, healthtech is not only revolutionary but vital during coronavirus and beyond.

Healthcare revolutionized

Healthtech is the use of technology in the medical field. In short, healthtech is simply healthcare technology.

A useful tool made for not only health professionals, the technology is widely used for and by the patient. Also known as digital health, health tech uses technology to improve the ability to receive care. Referred to as the “healthcare at home movement,” health-focused technology allows for products and services to be consumed outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Which is ever-so important during COVID-19.

One-touch solution

Thanks to healthtech, patients have increased freedom in managing their personal care in the face of COVID-19 and beyond. Healthtech examples includes databases, applications, and even wearables. The Touchpoint Solution is a prime example of a company revolutionizing the healthtech industry. TouchPoints are a device worn on the body, preferably the wrist, to decrease anxiety and sleep function with the push of a button. With this wearable, a patient becomes more empowered to take control of their anxiety while reducing dependability on medication.

Communication elevated

Healthtech improves efficiencies and communicates with health professionals in an elevated manner. Used a preventative and monitoring tool for the patient, the healthcare administrator can use the data for analytical and administrative reasons. The doctor has a solid flow of truthful data in addition to verbal patient record to administer care. Healthtech can also be used to receive payment. In addition to the exchange of information between patient and service provider. All done and complete at a safe six foot distance.

A better, brighter future

Healthtech doesn’t only benefit the patient today but makes room for medical improvements in the future. Monitoring the patient with the use of technology allows for better diagnosis and treatment. It also aids to increase the development and commercialization of health-related products to help prevent other health situations, such as pandemics, in the future.

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Whether used for business to consumer or business to business, healthtech has only scratched the surface of its abilities. As technology continues to advance, we’re sure to see more exciting services and products from the healthtech industry that will continue to change lives. And with COVID-19, this is more important than ever.