In the world of technology, the term ‘managed services’ is a double-entendre. In one sense, the term is straight to the point – the management of services. In the second, managed services can be a much more complex contingent on the scope of work and who is managing the services.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is used when outsourcing information technology to a third-party vendor typically referred to as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). The MSP is often utilized in small to medium sized business’ (SMB) to maintain the responsibility for the IT services. In addition, they are in control of the installation and up-keep of the equipment – both hardware and software-, ’round the clock security monitoring and help desk support.

When are Managed Services Used?

So, why do companies contract their IT services to a MSP? In short, managed services takes the technology stress of the business, allowing the company to focus on its core. IT can be expensive. From labor costs needed to run an IT department, to software needs and updates, to hardware coverage and breakage, to the much required 24/7 security oversight, and cloud-based memory service. Contracted with a Managed Service Provider allows the SMB a peace of mind. They don’t have to worry about their IT needs because they are being taken care of and better yet, if contracting with the right provider, they are being taken care of well.

Solution > Stress

Most Managed IT Service companies work to deliver a solution that streamlines with the heart of the business they are contracting with. They embrace that brand’s culture and become an extension of the client in a true partnership. The MSP is the voice and therefore, the solution. In a perfect world, a SMB’s customer would be none-the-wiser that they are working with a MSP to solve their technological needs.

Managed Services is above a break/fix solution. Instead, they extend the relationship with their business partners to be efficient, while proactively avoiding problems and working hard to solve the root cause of existing problems. And they do so while avoiding waste. They are diligent to reach the desired outcomes of the business using real people and real solutions.

The goal of the MSP is not to make money off of its client, but to make money work for the client by improving their operations. Ultimately, cutting the business’ expenses.

A B2B Partnership

The Managed Service Provider can work with its client in many forms. In the first, the interaction is done so remotely. With only a few in-person meetings for the evaluation of need, continuous improvements of those needs, and/or if an in-person engagement is required for a solution. The second, is on-site support. This support comes in the form of the Help Desk, client management, device management, onsite network management and monitoring. In the third form, it is a hybrid of both solutions. Some SMB’s require a team of support staff onsite, while another will only require one or two.

The relationship and the Managed IT Service in-person support are completely based on the client and what is the best solution for their needs.

In summary, Managed IT Services is the practice of outsourcing IT needs to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) on a proactive basis to improve operations and cut business expenses. The MSP uses process, technology and tools to provide solutions for the client and partner. In return, the client has the freedom to stress less and focus higher on their over-all mission and goals.

About nVision

nVision is a leading IT firm and Managed Service Provider, delivering a full spectrum of technology solutions and expertise since 1998. We deliver first-class customer service and business outcomes for our customers through our portfolio of Managed Services, Cloud, Security, and Professional Services, as well as providing hardware and software solutions with best in-class technology. With a commitment to excellence, nVision partners with our customers to delivery outcomes that streamline businesses and align with their goals – allowing our customers to focus less on the minutiae and more on their mission and vision. We position ourselves with industry best practices to collaboratively grow with our customers as an end-to-end technology solutions company. As a woman owned certified business (WBEC) and IT Firm, we have a devotion to our community donating over $100K in volunteerism, time and monies to local philanthropies in 2018.