Photo by Fredy Jacob on Unsplash

Back up your files and check all of your restores, it’s World Backup Day.

Back, back, back it up. No, not like you’re in the club. Although that may sound tempting during quarantine, the backup we’re referring to everything to do with your tech and a lot less to do with your twerk.

A holiday, say what?

So why is there a day to celebrate backing up your data? Because it’s important, especially as we face a global pandemic. The day is to serve as a reminder to the public to backup their files. No, it isn’t just one of those silly “national” holidays observed around the office to keep the fun in. It’s real, really real. Just like those precious files.

Think of your blood, sweat and tears put into your work documents. Those precious, travel moments that seem so far away captured on film and photographs. Your taxes, shall the fear of the IRS come knocking at your door. Your employee records, your business contacts…. all of that and more should be backed up daily, monthly and yearly. On and off-site.

So what’s the best way to backup your data?

On a personal level, there are a lot of options. And no, it’s not that floppy disk pictured above. Many use cloud services, external hardware devices, print and store, or a combination of all three.

On a business level, your data should be backed up to the cloud, your on-site network, an off-site location…and somewhere offline.

And not only are the files back, backed up and backed up again, they are monitored 24/7/365 by an in-house IT department or one similar to nVision Networking.

Seems a bit excessive? It’s not.

Today’s malware is more advanced then ever. And it’s nearly impossible to socially distance ourselves and our businesses from it. According to WebARX, there is a hack made every 39 seconds in 2019. And in just one second, hackers can steal 75 pieces of data.

Not only are hackers a threat, so are your users and employees. Neowin claims that 29% of disasters happen on accident. Someone gets a little snap happy with control-alt-delete and BOOM, files gone.

And that’s before we had all of this time on our hands.

So, backup your data. Backup your data on World Backup Day and back it up again, just to be safe.